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Consistent Income

Okay, so to begin with the basic answer, you have to look at three things that is the cause for any real sales online: "KNOW, LIKE & TRUST". Take these out of the
equation and you are faced with dealing with someone you don't know, like or trust and this makes it hard for any sales to happen. 

So how do you create "know, like & Trust" online?
This is a good question! However the answer to this is not simple but I will try to explain it to you:

1) You need a "fresh" capture page with your image to build "know".
2) You will need at least a 1000 quality hits to that page to get subscribers.
3) Your email autoresponder messages need to be written to have
people reply back to your email.
Your email messages will create the "like" you need. 
4) Connecting back with people's email reply's allows you to build that "trust"

This will take a while to figure out the details and it is suggested that you start from the beginnning and work with our FREE Online Coach.

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Traffic That Converts

To find Traffic that Converts, you need to get the real facts on what traffic converts and what is a complete waste of time and to also find out if you're applying the correct techniques to get people to respond to you. This changed everything for me.

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Marketing Tools? 


Yes you WILL need them.

I know this is NOT the answer you were hoping for and I understand why you're disappointed.

I know it's much easier to just hope that you can find the business that tracks everything for you, builds all your capture/splash pages and builds the email list where it does all the selling for you.

However, the truth is better than me just telling you a lie.
Here are the reasons having your own tools is better: 

1) Tracking your links.

First of all it's important to know EXACTLY who is clicking on your links and from WHAT TRAFFIC SCOURCE! This is so you know what traffic sources and what capture pages are working the BEST. 

2) Building your own Capture/Splash pages:

This is important as popular pages get boring and people click through them and don't even read them anymore. However, there is one positive side to having your ads seen a lot. This is because sometimes it takes people seeing your ads up to seven times or more for people to subscribe or buy. 

3) Building your own Email List:

Many years ago, I did the same thing. I built other peoples mailing lists through affiliate programs and found that a year or two later when the company had gone under, I lost 100's of email addresses.

The other problem is that if YOU don't build your own list how will you possibly build the "know, like & trust" we talked about earlier in point one: "Consistent Income"? Not only is this so but if you don't personally get to know them how will you ever build that relationship to help them and to sell them other impotant things? 

So you're probably asking: "How can I possibly do all this? I don't have the knowledge, skill or time!"


We have an easy 1-2-3 solution for you.
Honestly, it will take you some work but its something YOU CAN DO.

Basically we give you the team and the training you need to help you succeed.
We give you access to the professional tools you need to accomplish this. We have a "Done for you" system that does most of the heavy lifting for you and teaches you each step along the way, so when you become a leader you will understand how it all works.

Eventually you will become the expert and know how to create the "Know, Like & Trust" that is needed to create sales. Until then our system will work for you.

Often many businesses offer tools and training as well but usually not the 1:1 mentorship and in depth training/professional tools that will really help you over the long haul. Here's what I persoanally went through to be able to say this to you with complete honesty: See my story

Our system is outlined in "My Six Figure a Year Plan." here.


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